Women’s Health
Needs Are Unmet

We are here to
support you.


Women’s Health Needs Are Unmet

We are here to support you.

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Over 10 million Canadians are currently experiencing menopause, and its disruptive symptoms can significantly impact both their personal and professional lives.

of women will experience menopause

face disruptive symptoms daily*

exit the workforce yearly due to symptoms**

*Fawcett Society
**Menopause Foundation of Canada

des femmes sont confrontées à la ménopause

d’entre elles sont confrontées quotidiennement à des symptômes perturbateurs*

*Société Fawcett
**Fondation canadienne de la ménopause

quitter le marché du travail en raison de symptômes, chaque année**

Women Deserve Better, Support Healthy Aging With sanoMidLife

Our innovative health solution, sanoMidLife, was exclusively designed to meet the unique health needs of midlife women and to ensure equitable care.

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What You Can Expect From sanoMidLife

Expert care combined with AI technology to help women thrive through menopause and midlife hormonal changes.


Tailored care that adjusts to you. A personalized program for your symptoms and medical history, including hormone therapy if needed.


Our experienced clinicians (e.g., gynecologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, etc.) provide clinically validated assessments, treatments, and information you can rely on.


sanoMidLife is for those who identify as female, were assigned female at birth, and have female biological and physiological anatomy.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Safe and empathetic peer-to-peer support groups with others on similar health journeys.

Your Midlife Health And Well-being Deserves Nothing Less Than Exceptional Care

You don’t have to face menopause alone. Embrace the change and let us help you reduce your menopausal symptoms and thrive.