Nearly Half Your Team Are Women
All Of Them Will Experience Menopause

Give Your Team Services to Help Them Thrive

sanoLiving pairs AI technologies and experienced menopause clinicians to deliver personalized, evidence-based care that empowers women to manage their health.

Let’s Talk About
Menopause in the Workplace

There is a pressing need to address the health challenges women encounter during perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

5.4 Mwomen age 40+ in the workforce*

75 % say symptoms impact ability to function**

20 + working years spent in menopause life stage***

10 % exit the workforce due to symptoms, annually****

*Statistics Canada
**Fawcett Society
***Kronenberg (2010)
****Menopause Foundation of Canada

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Consider adding menopause care to your benefits package. Our innovative solution, sanoMidLife, offers high-quality menopause care at an affordable price.

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**Appointments within 1 week

The sanoMidLife Benefit

As Canada’s premier women’s online menopause centre, sanoMidLife offers your employees a complete care program that improves their health now and in later life.

Our virtual AI assistant ‘Sano’ and a team of certified menopause practitioners collaborate with your staff to offer support through every stage of their menopause journey.